Realtor Tips to Closing on Your Home Before Summer Ends

by crblog - June 28th, 2018.
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Congrats! You’ve found your dream home at Craig Ranch, but you have a lot to do before the house is officially yours. Did you know the average closing time is around 50 days for a pre-owned home and build times for new construction homes can range from about 5 – 8 months right now in North Texas? If you’re looking to close on your dream home at Craig Ranch before summer or this year ends, check out these realtor tips from to stay on track!

Getting Financed

As with any large investment, the loan approval process takes a decent amount of time to complete. It can take up to 45 days to obtain a mortgage from start to finish, so if you want to speed up the closing process on a home at Craig Ranch, it helps to get a pre-approval letter from a lender that clearly states how much you are qualified for. This allows you to see what you are able to afford and shows the seller that you’re a qualified buyer.

Home Inspections

Unfortunately, home inspections can eat up as much as 15 days of the closing timeframe, but they are necessary for you to obtain before closing on your home. Try to schedule your inspection ahead of time to speed up the process and be present for your new home inspection. Being present can ensure that all inspection tasks are finalized before you close and help you learn all about your new home at Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX.

Titles and Securing Insurance

Be sure to budget extra time for any unforeseen issues. Some title roadblocks may arise during your closing, like a tax lien or a loan that was mistakenly recorded to the property’s address. If you have time allotted for these unforeseen hold-ups, you will stay on track toward your closing date. Or you can opt for a new construction home by one of our top McKinney homebuilders to be sure that a previous owner’s records won’t affect your new home purchase! Most new home builders keep inventory homes that are available much sooner than a build-to-suit home if you need to get into your new home before school starts!

Finally, as a homeowner, you are required to secure homeowner’s insurance for your new home. This can be done while the closing process is taking place, so make sure you have all the necessary insurance before the day of closing!

If you’re looking to close on a new home in McKinney, TX before summer ends, be sure to check out our master-planned community at Craig Ranch! Learn more about the Craig Ranch builders and look at our available home inventory here! To stay up to date with all the things happening at Craig Ranch, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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