Things to Know About the McKinney Public Libraries Expanding

by crblog - April 19th, 2018.
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McKinney public libraries

Nothing warms our heart more than knowing that while all of McKinney is growing, so are the McKinney Public Libraries! Both the John and Judy Gay Library and the Roy and Helen Hall Memorial Library have announced that they will be expanding. Since these are the two main libraries near Craig Ranch in McKinney, we’re so excited, and we want to share with you what all we know about this exceptional growth.

John and Judy Gay Library

Starting off with the McKinney library closest to Craig Ranch, John and Judy Gay Library is 19,000 square feet, but there are plans to expand and renovate to make the library nearly double the current square footage. The expansion, which is part of a 2015 bond, will include a larger designated teen space and room for extra programs for readers of all ages. While this library expansion in McKinney is still in the design phase, they plan to break ground this summer with a summer 2019 completion date.

Roy and Helen Hall Memorial Library

As for the other library near Craig Ranch, the Roy and Helen Hall Memorial Library also has plans for major program and catalog expansions. This McKinney library will be expanding its adult fiction section, completely rearranging its collections and digitalizing local history collections. They are also working on expanding to offer even more library children’s programs.

The Library System

For the whole library system of McKinney, the city will be working to increase adult programs as well as creating a bilingual collection. The primary languages they are focusing on to start are Spanish-English, Hindi-English, Vietnamese-English, Korean-English and Mandarin Chinese-English.

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