Spend Valentine’s Day at Craig Ranch with Your Sweetie

by crblog - February 1st, 2018.
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February Events, Valentines Day at Craig Ranch

February is officially here, and while it’s the shortest month of the year, it’s arguably the one filled with the most love. That’s right – it’s almost time for Valentine’s Day at Craig Ranch! While there are plenty of Valentine’s Day events happening around Craig Ranch in McKinney, you just can’t beat when you can make a special, love-filled day out of the wonderful amenities that are right here in our master-planned community!

Break a Sweat Together

Who says your Valentine’s Day events have to start off as relaxing? Instead, you and your special someone can join one of the group X classes at Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa and break a sweat together. We’re all about an active living, and the group X classes are a great way for couple to achieve a more active lifestyle together.

Reach New Heights at the Rock Climbing Wall

Not really feeling like getting as involved as signing up for a weekly class? Well then try an equally fun activity like climbing the rock wall at Craig Ranch Fitness. If you guys are the competitive type, you can see who can get to the top the fastest, or for the less experienced – who can get the farthest.

Discover Who’s the Better Cook

You might be planning to simply go to a nice restaurant for your Valentine’s Day meal, but why not try something different with the culinary demos also available at Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa? Not only will this culinary demo give you a chance to reconnect over food, you’ll also learn about healthier eating habits and cooking methods.

Treat Each Other with an Evening at the Spa

Last, but most certainly not least, is probably going to be your favorite part about spending Valentine’s Day at Craig Ranch. Treat each other to evening at the spa part of Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa. With such a wide array of services, the two of you are sure to find the indulgences that sound the most enticing.

If you’ve already been keeping up with your new year resolution at Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa, then you probably already know that you can enjoy all these great things within our master-planned community. For more ideas on what you could do for a wonderful Valentine’s Day at Craig Ranch, be sure to follow Craig Ranch on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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