Staying Hip and Casual at Spoons Cafe

by crblog - August 31st, 2017.
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Spoons Cafe
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Are you on the hunt for delicious food in Historic Downtown McKinney? If so, we’ve got just the place – Spoons Café. Just a few minutes away from our community, almost every resident of Craig Ranch raves about this local gem. So you too can enjoy all the yummy goodness, we’re going to tell you all about Spoons Café in Historic Downtown McKinney.

About Spoons Café

Located in a converted 1920s building that was originally the Texas Power and Light Company, Spoons Café near Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX, has been serving up great food for over a decade. The open atmosphere of the award-winning restaurant allows patrons to feel right at home as they watch the cooking crew work their food magic.

All-Day Breakfast

Breakfast for dinner, why not? It doesn’t matter when you start craving fluffy eggs, golden brown pancakes or a stuffed breakfast taco, because Spoons Café serves breakfast all day long! With a variety of breakfast options, you’re sure to find the breakfast food that makes you want to get up in the morning.

Great Anytime Grub

Apart from their all day breakfast menu, Spoons Café also serves up plenty of great food that can be enjoyed all the time! From hearty sandwiches and gourmet hotdogs to fresh salads and tasteful soups, Spoons Café has something for everyone to devour!

Spoons Café on Wheels

Are you planning a holiday get-together at Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX with a lot of friends and family? If so, then Spoons Café can bring all their great food to you! Spoons Café on Wheels is exactly what the name entails – an awesome food truck that dishes out exceptional food.

The next time you’re out and about in Historic Downtown McKinney, make sure you grab a bite to eat at Spoons Café. While you’re in the area, come take a tour of our beautiful master-planned community! To learn more about Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX, contact us today.

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