Stay Fit and Healthy this Summer in Craig Ranch

by crblog - May 25th, 2017.
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Summer is right around the corner, and we all know what that means! If you’re looking to get fit in time for summer, then Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX is the place for you. Our community and amenities are centered around active living. Here are some of our amenities that’ll help keep you in the best shape.

Cooper Fitness Center at Craig Ranch

If it’s a one-stop fitness shop that you want, then the Cooper Fitness Center at Craig Ranch is where you’ll want to go. This 75,000 square foot health and fitness complex has state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained professionals and a supportive staff that are there to help you get into shape. Aside from the traditional machines and free weights, Cooper Fitness Center also has an indoor basketball court, Olympic-size swimming pool, rock climbing wall and exercise classes like Yoga and Pilates.

The Beach at Craig Ranch

Now if you’re trying to stay out of the gym but still be plenty active, then take some friends over to The Beach at Craig Ranch! As the name entails, you can expect to find a lot of sand and plenty of people playing sports like sand volleyball, sand soccer and sand tennis. The amount of agility and stamina needed to play these games, plus the restriction of the sand, make all of these sports excellent ways to stay in shape, while also having loads of fun!


Our new homes in McKinney are surrounded by beautiful, open parks that are perfect for free play. Whether you and your friends want to play a game of kickball, fetch with Fido or any other fun activity you could think of. Each of the Craig Ranch parks is a little different and can be used for different exercise needs.

Fitness Trails

If working out at a center, playing a sand sport or going to a park doesn’t do it for you, try getting your heart pumping on our fitness trails. There are trails all throughout the community, so there’s no excuse to not go out for a morning or afternoon jog!

Don’t let summer sneak up on you. You still have time to hit the gym and get into your ideal shape before summer is in full swing. Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX is all about active living, and if you’d like to learn more about our amenities or our new homes in McKinney, contact us today.

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