Boutiques in Historic Downtown McKinney

by crblog - March 23rd, 2017.
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historic downtown McKinney

When it comes to shopping, historic downtown McKinney has got it figured out! There are more than 120 unique shops for people to visit and discover a variety of items from antiques to specialty creations. If you live at Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX, then this shopping epicenter is just a short drive away! To get a better idea of all you can find there, here are some of our favorite boutiques in historic downtown McKinney.

The Groovy Coop

Starting off with what can only be described as eclectically vintage and modern, The Groovy Coop is a boutique that has a little bit of everything fun and quirky. There, you can find vintage vinyl records, new clothes and nearly anything from yesteryear. Go check them out and see what hidden treasures you’ll discover!

Landry Kate

Now if you’re looking to step up your fashion game, head over to Landry Kate. This chic clothing boutique will help you pave the way as a trendsetter! They have timeless and trendy clothing options for any occasion – from a day out with friends to a formal event.

Mom & Popcorn

For a truly special treat, wander over to Mom & Popcorn where you can find gourmet popcorn that’s to die for! They have over 51 flavors from classic kettle corn to more outlandish flavors such as watermelon, Cajun and even their own McKinney Style popcorn. You can order their gourmet popcorn online, but the best popcorn experience is at their historic downtown McKinney storefront.

Fair & Square Imports

This isn’t your average boutique store. Fair & Square Imports offers unique, handmade items from around the world. Everything they have in their store is fair trade because they want to ensure that the people who make their items are treated humanely. Whether you’re looking for a bracelet from Thailand or a flute from Peru, Fair & Square Imports has it!

These are just a few of the many great boutiques in downtown McKinney that are just a few miles from our master-planned community. If you’re looking to relocate to this area, check out Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX. Our community has all the amenities you could dream of, and we’re in a spectacularly convenient location!

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