What are the Health Benefits of Exercising Outdoors?

by crblog - March 10th, 2016.
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Now that spring is officially just days away, it’s time to rejoice because the weather should be warm for good.

Although the Cooper Fitness Center is a beautiful facility, there’s just something about breaking a sweat outdoors with a breeze in your face and soaking up the sunlight.

Not only does exercising outside feel better, it actually comes with some pretty positive health benefits.

Here are 3 benefits of exercising outdoors:

Good for Your Mind and Your Body

Though we work out for mostly the physical benefits, did you know it can actually be beneficial to your mental health? A research team from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry analyzed 11 trials including more than 800 adults. They found that outdoor exercise was associated with increased energy and revitalization. It also decreased confusion, anger, depression and tension.

Feel Better About Yourself

It can sometimes feel like all eyes are on you when you exercise in a gym, but nature doesn’t judge you. Exercising outdoors can improve your self-esteem. Further, you don’t have to go all out, because research indicates low-intensity workouts had the greatest positive effects. Consider going for a long walk in one of the many Craig Ranch parks!

Soak Up the Sun

While too much sun can be harmful to your skin, there are many benefits to soaking up just the right amount. When the sun hits our skin, it creates vitamin D3, which is important for bone health and metabolic function. Also, exposure to the sun can help you sleep better at night, improve immune system function and increase endorphin production.

Active adult living is best done outdoors! Now that it’s warm outside, start working out in the great outdoors and soak up all of the great benefits that come with it. Make a visit to Craig Ranch in McKinney, Texas and see why Craig Ranch is one of the most active adult communities in North Texas!

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