10 Golf Tips to Enhance Your Game

by crblog - March 1st, 2016.
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Believe it or not, the sport of golf can take a toll on one’s body and every player from amateur to pro has room for improvement. Making some minor adjustments can have a very noticeable impact on both your game and longevity as a golfer.

At its core, golf is a low impact sport. But regular play can improve your stamina, increase your heart health and keep your muscles toned. Your overall health can improve your golf game.

Here are 10 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

  1. Don’t practice the same shot over and over. Do a maximum of 5-10 swings only and vary your clubs.
  2. Don’t grab the large bucket of balls at the range. Mix in putting and chipping within your full swings.
  3. When practicing your putting, straighten and stretch regularly.
  4. When picking up your ball, always bend your knees and use your club for support.
  5. Don’t over-swing. It leads to poor golf shots and an increased risk of injury.
  6. If the game is slow, don’t stand still. Take the time to do gentle stretches or walk in circles.
  7. While playing, avoid excessive alcohol and junk food. These will zap your energy level in the middle to the end of the round.
  8. Walk more often than using a golf cart.
  9. Warm up for 30 minutes prior to each round.
  10. Have your clubs fitted specifically to you.

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As a part of active adult living, golf is a great, fun and easy way to get the juices flowing. By focusing on your health, you can improve your game!

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