How to Host the Perfect St. Patty’s Day Party in Your McKinney Home

by crblog - March 6th, 2015.
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Hosting a party in your McKinney home can easily become stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you plan ahead! Saint Patrick’s Day is only a couple weeks away, and with these tips, your party is sure to be a blast.

1. Hit the store early

If possible, try to purchase everything you need for your party now. Perishable food can wait to be purchased until a few days prior to the party. However, any décor, utensils, or non-perishable goods should be bought as soon as you can make your way to the store. This will save you from scrambling to get everything you need the day of, and will give you a wider selection to choose from before items (like green food coloring!) are sold out.

2. Prep the night before

The night before, try to make any meals or crafts you’ll need. Popular food dishes like dips can be made in advance and stored away in the fridge until it’s time to be served. After dinner the night before the party, decorate the table with any accessories you purchased. Little things like these add up to be a big time saver during the party day in your Craig Ranch home.

3. Stick to the main dish

If you ask us, it’s not a party unless you have great food. For the best St. Patty’s party in your Craig Ranch home, stick to one main dish. Many traditional Irish dishes can be made easily in a crockpot or large pot on the stove. Make your party potluck style by asking your guests to bring side dishes and desserts, so there’s less for you to worry about.

If you follow these three simple tips, we know you’ll have a party perfect for friends, family and maybe a leprechaun or two! From all of us at Craig Ranch, happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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