It’s Never Too Late to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

by crblog - December 22nd, 2014.
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If you think the ship has sailed on getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle, think again. Recent research by the Cooper Institute, the parent of the Cooper Fitness Center Craig Ranch, shows that those who stay active through midlife had fewer chronic diseases in their later years.

That means you can start now, and reap the benefits through your retirement. Pretty good news, huh?

What’s even better news: You have many options for getting active and plenty of fitness experts to help you out when you live in Craig Ranch in McKinney.

Golf: Members of TPC Craig Ranch can get lessons and instruction from top PGA golf professionals.
Tennis: The pro at Cooper Fitness Center Craig Ranch offers individual and group lessons. (Cooper also has on staff pro coaches in water sports, basketball and martial arts.)
Fitness: Shy about exercise equipment? Don’t know where to start with strength and endurance training? One of Cooper’s 20 personal trainers can help.
Cycling/triathlon/multisport: The self-proclaimed world’s largest triathlon store, Playtri, is in the heart of Craig Ranch, and they have intro classes and training to help get you started.

The bottom line is that, according to Cooper, it’s not too late to start a fitness plan that will help you age well and live a longer, healthy life. So what’s holding you back?

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