Craig Ranch McKinney: Welcome to the Neighborhood of Nature

by crblog - December 1st, 2014.
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The wonder of nature can fill us with joy at any age – whether we’re 8 or 80. Gazing at a bird soaring over a field. Stealing a look at a rabbit slowly munching its way across the grass. Watching leaves stir in the breeze.

That’s why more and more research points to a daily dose of nature – plants, wildlife and all to keep the body working at its best, the mind sharp and the heart filled with joy.

Nature’s effect on the body, mind and heart is why Roby Robertson takes such pride in his work as director of golf course operations at TPC Craig Ranch. He has helped the golf course maintain its designation as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary – an honor it has held since 2005.

“The view you get of the course, especially if you live at 17 Green, is completely natural – rolling hills, stands of trees, the creek,” Robertson said. “That’s what draws the wildlife. We create habitat for birds and animals … and even native grasses and other plants.”

A display in the clubhouse details the kinds of wildlife that call TPC Craig Ranch home.

To receive the Audubon designation, TPC Craig Ranch must follow certain protocols for environmental planning, manage wildlife and habitat, reduce use of chemicals, conserve water, manage water quality and continue education. The goal is to enhance the natural areas and wildlife habitats golf courses can, but don’t always, provide.

At 17 Green, residents can glance out the window and marvel at a great blue heron or a scissor-tailed flycatcher, and catch a glimpse of a cottontail or a fox. Residents of 17 Green have direct access to the grounds and have prime viewing from balconies, patios and floor-to-ceiling windows – all the better to experience the wonder of nature.

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