4 Ways to Have a Perfect, Relaxing Thanksgiving in Your McKinney, Texas Home

by crblog - November 14th, 2014.
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The thought of hosting Thanksgiving, whether for the first time or the tenth time, sends most into a panic. Whether a beautiful home with a kitchen in an open floor plan is available to you or not, it can be stressful time. Each November, Craig Ranch residents travel far to see family while some choose to stay in their cozy home and have family come to them. For those playing host this year, here are some tips to ensure it’s an enjoyable day for everyone (and most importantly, YOU!)

Prepare Accordingly
With Thanksgiving two weeks away, now is the time to be in planning mode. Epicurious’ Thanksgiving Planning Checklist starts six weeks out and has all the tips and tricks you need to be ready for the big day. Now is the time to clean the freezer, buy the perishable ingredients for what you’ll make this week, cook the pie dough and make any nonperishable table decorations (such as pine-cone napkin holders). Get the whole checklist here.

Don’t Cook it All
Living in McKinney has its many advantages; one being all of the nearby restaurants, most of which offer holiday catering! While catering may sound like the lazy way of going about Thanksgiving, we recommend making all your family’s favorites then picking up the remaining dishes. Tenley’s Café, located in Cooper Craig Ranch, offers To-Go options as well as an entire Holiday Catering Menu. Call them ASAP to place an order: 214.383.1070.

Let Someone Else Clean
If your relatives typically remain glued to the couch and blame the tryptophan, get the kids involved as well as a couple adults to supervise and assist. When people seem reluctant to help, start making assignments politely, or offer a choice between two jobs. To save time, hand wash as much as you can while you have load in the dishwasher. Also, consider using disposable containers for some of the food.

Book a Spa Appointment
When the last dish has been cleaned, pamper yourself with a spa appointment. Whether you go the following day or the following week, give yourself something to look forward to (and the alone time you may need!) Luckily Craig Ranch residents have the convenience of the Cooper Spa being nearby! Cooper Spa at Craig Ranch is designed and dedicated to your total wellbeing – physical and emotional. Visit their website here for a full list of services.

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