Holiday Planning 101: Hosting Thanksgiving at Your McKinney, Texas Home

by crblog - November 8th, 2013.
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Thanksgiving is a time for your family and friends to create cherished memories in your McKinney, Texas home. We know there is a lot of pressure to make the day perfect, and as the host that can be a daunting task. Whether your Thanksgiving gathering will be large or small, here are six tips for hosting a successful Turkey Day soirée.

1. Make a plan
Start planning the Thanksgiving meal as soon as possible. Write your to-dos on a calendar including menu planning, grocery shopping, ordering the turkey, sending invitations and cooking. When it’s all written down, it’s easier to make sure everything gets done and even gives people an opportunity to help!

2. Prep the meal early
A lot of dishes can be made in advance in order to lighten your cooking load on the big day. Build the menu around items that can be made and frozen, like mashed potatoes, fresh bread rolls, gravy, pie crusts, soups and basting stocks.

3. Involve the kids
Having your children help you out with Thanksgiving will not only keep them occupied, but it will also make them feel like they made an important contribution. They can help you make a small side dish, set the table, decorate the house or even be the family photographer.

4. Recruit some help
Just because you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house doesn’t mean that you alone need to cook everything. You can make it a potluck-style Thanksgiving by having people sign up for different dishes. This not only saves you from stress, but also allows you to try other people’s recipes!

5. Plan family activities
It’s important that your guests, young and old, have something to do while you are finishing up in the kitchen. Plan family activities such as board games, football games and walks. When everyone is done eating, your guests will probably be pretty tired, so put in a movie for the kids and set up a quiet area for the adults to rest.

6. Have patience
A lot of things can go wrong on Thanksgiving and you have to be able to take things with a grain of salt. Be prepared for late guests, family conflicts, unexpected guests and cooking fiascos. If you are patient and handle everything with confidence and humor, then no matter what the problem, you will give your guests a memorable holiday.

If you follow these six tips for hosting a successful Thanksgiving, then it will ensure you have a day of smooth sailing. We hope your Thanksgiving is filled with lots of laughs and good family fun!

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