How to Adjust if You’re a New Empty Nester in a McKinney, Texas Community

by crblog - September 6th, 2013.
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For those of us with little ones running around our McKinney, Texas home, older children raiding the fridge and a never-ending heap of laundry, it’s hard to imagine your home being an “empty nest.” Yet that time will inevitably come. The kids will pack up and head to college or other pursuits away from home. When your home becomes a little too quiet, here are some tips on how to adjust as a new empty nester.

Have Plenty of “Me” Time
Taking some time for yourself will allow you to adjust to the change and figure out how you feel about your children’s departure. Don’t compare how you feel to others, as everyone experiences an empty nest differently. Whether you’re thrilled or a little morose, take the opportunity for “me” time and get some good rest before you jump into the next stage of life.

Get Moving
A physical fitness regimen may be one of the first sacrifices you made when kids came along. Now, with fewer obligations, you have time to re-form those healthy habits and hit the gym. Maybe a fellow empty nester could be your new workout buddy! Hitting the walking trail and signing up for a fitness class at Cooper Fitness Center at Craig Ranch create social opportunities that will help get you out of the suddenly quiet house.

We all have the list of things that we say we’ll do or learn “someday.” For a new empty nester, someday might just be now! From volunteering in the McKinney, Texas community and going back to school to learning to play an instrument and taking up biking, the empty nest years can be a great time for new activities. To get started, make your own kind of bucket list full of museum tours, travel destinations (near or far), adventurous recipes and hobbies.

Craig Ranch makes it easy for empty nesters to adjust not only by offering the opportunity to live in a beautiful, new home but also by offering various amenities such as the Cooper Fitness Center, TPC Craig Ranch and community clubs. There is everything from book clubs and fit clubs to men’s poker groups and wine lovers club! For information about the Craig Ranch Lifestyle, stop by the Craig Ranch Information Center, call 972-529-5700 or visit us online at

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