5 Tips to Stay Focused During the New School Year

by Craig Ranch - September 7th, 2012.
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The new school year is already here. As you help your kids adjust to the new semester, try these tips from Craig Ranch to stay focused throughout the school year at your new home in McKinney TX. Share your best tips for staying on track during the school year with us on Facebook.

1. Create a productive homework space. Stock your kids’ homework space with school supplies needed for school work and projects. Set aside a space for a desk, computer, backpack, folders, etc. With everything conveniently located in one space, your kids can complete assignments more efficiently. Never lose important papers or miss deadlines again with this system!

2. Decrease distractions. Set aside your phone, computer, games, TV, etc. and encourage your kids to spend an hour or so unplugged from the digital world. With scheduled time away from distractions, it will be easier to slide into a homework schedule and stay focused throughout the semester. You can also enjoy plenty of family time too without all the electronics at your new home in McKinney TX.

3. There’s an app for that. If you and your kids own Apple products, then download educational apps to help your kids keep track of school assignments and master their school subjects. The Apple store has tons of educational apps to help with reading, literature, math, science, foreign language, history, art, music, productivity, and more. Whatever your kids are studying or their skill level, there are both free and paid apps to help foster a more interactive study and homework time.

4. Take a Break. To help keep your kids stay focused on homework and projects, allow them to take breaks after 45 minutes to an hour of working. A brief break from school work will help your kids relax and regroup for a night of studying or prepping for upcoming tests, projects or assignments. Encourage them to take a walk, chat with their friends online, or grab a healthy snack between homework assignments at your new home in McKinney TX.

5. Eat Healthy Snacks. Healthy food fuels brain power for studying and homework sessions. Encourage your kids to eat a healthy afterschool snack with plenty of protein. For a list of fun snack foods, visit Parenting.com. Share your favorite healthy snacks with Craig Ranch on Facebook or Twitter.

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