8 Reasons Craig Ranch Loves Frisco Independent School District

by crblog - August 17th, 2012.
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8 Reasons Craig Ranch Loves Frisco Independent School District

Here at Craig Ranch, we could not ask for our community to be located in a better school district than the Frisco Independent School District. Once you learn why we love it so much, you’ll love it too!

The Top 8 Reasons We Love the Frisco Independent School District:

1. FISD is one of the fastest growing districts in the nation, growing by 10-30 percent annually.

2. FISD is a leader in educational technology. Elementary schools have three computer labs per campus and secondary schools have Macs, PCs and laptops available to all students.

3. Frisco teachers are dedicated to professional development and make it a priority to continue their own education – especially in the area of technology integration in the classroom.

4. Parent and community involvement is strongly encouraged in Frisco schools and each school has an active PTA (Parent Teacher Association).

5. The student to teacher ratio in FISD averages around 22:1. Frisco, Texas is committed to keeping its school district at a 4A classification. This ensures that the schools and classes do not get too big.

6. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and have a full sports roster and a variety of clubs and groups available to them.

7. Students have every opportunity possible to excel academically. High school students are even offered Advanced Placement and Honors courses. Dual credit courses are also offered in conjunction with Collin County Community College.

8. Multiple businesses and organizations in the cities surrounding Frisco Independent School District are partnering with FISD campuses to make a difference in the lives of the students.

Frisco Independent School District Contact Information:

5515 Ohio Drive
Frisco, Texas 75035
Phone: (469) 633-6000
Fax: (469) 633-6050

For Frisco Independent School District students and parents resources, click here.

For Frisco Independent School District community resources, click here.

The Frisco Independent School District mission statement:

By providing a unique learning environment that maximizes student opportunity and invests in meaningful relationships, the mission of the Frisco Independent School District is to partner with parents and community in developing caring citizens equipped to continue learning and pursue their aspirations.

We would like to wish all FISD students and teachers good luck in the upcoming 2012-2013 school year!

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