5 Tips for Hosting a Party at your New Home

by Craig Ranch - May 11th, 2012.
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Cookout and party season is about to kick off. That includes baby showers, bridal showers, graduation parties, and summer barbecues! Here are a few simple party hosting tips from Craig Ranch for all of your cookouts, parties, and barbecues at your new home near Frisco, TX. Share your best party hosting and entertaining tips with us on Facebook!

1. Make a list. Keep yourself organized by making a party prep list. Check off to-do items as you complete them. Include cleaning, cooking, shopping, decorating and other prep chores on your list. This will help you stick to your schedule and keep the chaos to a minimum on party day.

2. Cook ahead at your new home near Frisco, TX. Cook any party foods ahead of time so all you have to do is reheat just before the party starts. Pre-cooking and prepping ahead of time will save you time, hassle, and sanity.

3. Buy in bulk. Buy paper products and snacks for your party ahead of time. Look for deals and save money by buying in bulk. Who doesn’t love a few extra pretzels, cookies, peanuts or festive napkins at a fun party?

4. Serve buffet style at your new home near Frisco, TX. Instead of stressing over a formal sit-down gathering, try letting guests serve themselves buffet style. Snacks, light appetizers and desserts are all great buffet foods. This will allow guests to mingle and nibble at the same time. A great party is all about good conversation and simple eats.

5. Decorate your new home near Frisco, TX. Every great party needs a few festive touches around your new home or outdoor gathering space. Don’t go overboard, but create a fun, vibe with seasonal or themed party flare and fun lighting.

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