5 Easy Holiday Decorating Tips for your New Home

by Craig Ranch - December 19th, 2011.
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Decorating for the holidays at your new home in McKinney might seem like a daunting task, but with the right holiday attitude you can make it fun and enjoyable. With a few simple steps your new home will look both elegant and festive in no time at all. Here are 5 easy steps to decorating your new home for the holidays from Craig Ranch. Share your holiday décor tips with us on Facebook.

  1. Start your holiday décor at the door. Hang a wreath on your front door. Whether it’s a live pine wreath you bought with your tree, a reusable one you break out every year or one you made yourself, let the entrance to your new home in McKinney set the tone for your holiday season.
  2. Turn up the mantle mania. As the focal point of your living space, decorate your fireplace mantle with holiday cheer. You can light candles, hang stockings, spruce up another wreath, tack up garlands, tie bows, and even add festive lighting to showcase your seasonal spirit.
  3. Let no stair be bare. Wrap garlands with decorative elements around your staircase bannisters. Garnish your garlands with natural elements like pinecones or berries, holiday lights, festive ribbons or seasonal ornaments. Be creative at your new home in McKinney.
  4. Trim the tree. Decorate your holiday tree with a theme. You can arrange your ornaments based on type like birds, or in a color scheme. Don’t forget other tree decorations like lights, ribbons, bunting and other holiday items. If you are using a live tree remember to keep it well hydrated and away from heat sources at your new home in McKinney. Another trick for hanging holiday lights is to work in sections from the back of the tree to the front. Start at the bottom of the tree and hang lights vertically instead of spinning them around the tree from back to front.
  5. Create a fine dining experience. Wow your holiday guests with seasonal centerpieces, festive plates and napkins. Set the mood with holiday candles or a decorative chandelier. To create the chandelier, first hang one ornament from it  with an s hook. Then tie fishing line from the chandelier at varying intervals to hanf additional ornaments. Hang them from the chandelier with s hooks as well.

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